Design is at the heart of change and 2020 will go down in history as a significant year for adjusting the way we live and work. What better time to be starting on a new career when the interior design sector is poised ready for a new era.   The 2020 Diploma group have faced bigger challenges than ever this year. It’s testament to the group that they have overcome lockdown, quarantine and social restrictions and produced a very creative body of work.  This would not be possible without our amazing, talented and patient team of teachers and experts. Over the year, the industry critiques have been given by Meriel Scott, Precious McBane, Nicola Osborn, Basha Franklin and Nicola Keenan /Nicola Lindsell from Boxx Creative. The Assessment was conducted by Dan Hopwood from Studio Hopwood. Our industry partners are too many to include however they know that we are constantly grateful for their valuable input.  We would like to extend a hand of thanks for their collective input.