A professional teaching studio recognised by the industry as a unique and excellent centre for learning

Whether you want to pursue a career in interior design, or simply wish to redesign a room in your own home, the guiding principles remain the same. The Interior Design School, founded in 1991 by Iris Dunbar, runs an evolving and responsive programme of studio-based professional training for people who want to explore through creative practice. The ethos of the school is to educate students in current contemporary interior design, and to maintain close connections within the industry and offer high staff to student ratios.

The School is now OPEN and fully functioning with the 2020 Diploma students currently finalising their portfolios. We will be holding an online exhibition to show their projects from 17th September 2020.


Due to our studio-based programme we are able to adhere to government guidelines. Should there be another lockdown over the winter months, we now have the experience to adjust the programmes accordingly. The ultimate goal is for all students to achieve an individual professional portfolio.


 0207 917 1821 email  ideas@idschool.co.uk