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The Diploma students produced some tight planning solutions for the Micro-living project aiming at a variety of users from multi-generational co-living, independent housing for senior inhabitants, flexible solutions for professional remote workers and co-housing specifically for the financial sector. There was an emphasis given to eco-friendly environments, healthy living, improving the senses through colour and materials. Shared communities spaces include library chill-out, meditation, dining, co-working spaces.

Research into individual makers culminated in innovative workspaces for an acoustic guitar maker, jewellery designer, pastry chef, blacksmith and bamboo bicycle maker. The studios included spaces to design, make, produce, sell and teach the various crafts. The projects demonstrated the individual skills with a clear understanding of the design process from initial concept to design solution.

Work books included project analysis, bubble diagrams, zoning, space planning, colour, lighting, furniture and material design making. The Presentations outlined the design outcome with brief and image boards, scaled plans / sections, three dimensional drawings and sample boards. Projects were brought to life with enthusiastic design descriptions.

Charles Leon from Leon Black Design and current President of BIID was invited to crit the projects and commented on the high standard reached since starting the course in September. Director Iris Dunbar was impressed with the depth of research into current issues on environmental specification.